View Full Version : For budding applet developers - distribute you applets via SC plugins

2007-10-29, 15:00
The latest firmware build should include a new menu item under Controller Settings - Advanced to allow applets to be loaded onto Jive from SqueezeCentre.

This is intended to provide a mechanism to distribute applets via SqueezeCentre avoiding the need to scp to the remote. At present you need to select which applets to download and trigger the install from jive. This is because a reboot is necessary once the applets are downloaded. (ideally this becomes automatic in the future)

Anyway to distrbute an applet via a SC plugin, simply create a zip file containing the applet files without directory information and make sure it is named <appletname>.zip Then put this in the top level directory of a SC plugin alongside the install.xml file and add an entry in the install.xml file for <jiveapplet> to refer to it. This can then be distributed as a zip for users to unzip into the SC Plugins directory.

[Requires SC version from the last day or so and the latest jive firmware. Note the packaging method may change, but this will provide a mechanism for all the beta testers to be able to try out your applets!]

I attach an example based on the Snake applets (by Lukas)

2007-10-29, 15:29
The installation worked perfectly. Snake's cool, too!
Many thanks!

2007-10-30, 16:26
Perfect! I've been wondering/thinking about how to distribute an applet. This should make things much easier. Thanks!

2007-11-17, 14:25
Please note that the latest nightlies (from today onwards) will use a slightly different format for the install.xml file and require the applet zip file to be contained within a 'jive' folder at the top level of the plugin directories.

I attach an updated version of the Snake plugin which uses the new format: