View Full Version : I think it's terminal...

2007-10-29, 13:29
My remote is seriously borked.

It's still alive and it goes to screen saver, but its not responding. Turning the jog wheel will bring it out of screen saver mode, but it wont move the cursor up/down and center button does not do anything. No other buttons work. So basically i am stuck at the home screen - so i can't enter setting page, update FW, factory reset or connect to SB3.

I have tried removing the battery etc but no joy - Anything i can do to revive it?

2007-10-29, 13:45
Check no buttons are stuck down, that might cause that problem. Do the keypad lights flash if you press + for factory reset when putting in the battery?

2007-10-29, 14:02
you can also try booting while holding the vol-up key down, which will bring it to the previous version of Jive.bin stored on the flash. Could be that something is wrong with the version of jive.bin you are using, not the remote itself. If that helps the situations, make sure to get your remote updated to the current version.