View Full Version : Listening to music locally at PC? (andsynchedwithotherplayers)

2004-01-22, 06:18
I agree - the ExStreamer could be a solution, but if I am not mistaken,
it can not sync with the Slimp3/SqueezeBoxplayers.

In that case the ExStreamer is really very much like a software player.

On Thu, 22 Jan 2004 09:27:32 +0100, "T" <st2_ (AT) ticino (DOT) com> said:
> > To do this today would be impossible. The ExStreamer can do this but
> > without a built in display; the Slimp has the built in display and the
> > best server environment to drive them (IMHO) but requires a full featured
> > player for all installations.
> Actually, I use the ExStreamer (one at home and three at work) with the
> SlimeServer software, as I have no need of a display.
> Tom