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2007-10-29, 04:11
I'm sorry if the following paragraphs seem to jump around a little. I've copied them from my Logitech support e-mails (over a period of weeks), with no solution from the support team. They suggested I try the forum. Sorry about the length of this post too, but describing everything I've tried might save a bit of to-and-froing. I've done minimal edits to try to improve the flow...

The touch-screen PC that I've programmed to control my (complex!) audio system runs DOS 6.22 with Microsoft NET Client V3.11. In my previous house I had this connected to my main (Win2000) PC via Cat5 cable. Because there is no TCP/IP utility with NET (I found later there is - see below), I accessed this touch PC using NetBIOS (in both directions).
Having recently moved to a new house, I was hoping to avoid running a cable between floors by using the wireless bridge facility of my recently-acquired Squeezebox 3.
I connected the touch-PC to the Squeezebox via a crossover cable, and the green light on the touch-PC indicates it has a hardware ethernet connection. I enabled wirelss bridging on the Squeezebox, but I don't get a network connection in either direction between the two PCs (but things improved - see later).

OK, I finally found time to spend on this problem. I found
information on the 'net that eventually (after many hours!) allowed me to get TCP/IP running on my DOS machine (using
Microsoft drivers, as it happens - there's a bug in their installation procedure that omits a vital file!).

When that DOS PC is plugged directly into my wireless router (wired Ethernet port) I can still share resources between the
two machines (my main PC runs Win2K, remember), moving files between them for example (only in a DOS window on the Win2K
machine). I could also 'ping' my Win machine from the DOS machine, getting a response:
[1] echo received from with roundtrip < 50 msec

But when I take the DOS machine back upstairs and plug it into the Squeezebox, it fails to establish the 'shares' that
succeed when directly connected. But I can still ping the Win2K machine, with the same (successful) result as above.

On the DOS machine, DHCP was enabled (not now - see below), but caused problems. So I've now changed the Touch-PC's network configuration to use a fixed IP address, and then done some more tests. To simplify the following discussion, I will refer to each PC by its network name: HIFI is the DOS-based touch PC (running Microsoft Network Client 3.11) wireless bridged via a Squeezebox 3, and ADVSOL5 is the Win2K machine with a wireless router attached (also the network 'gateway', though I don't think this is relevant, since I'm not wanting to access anything other than Advsol5 from HiFi).

When HiFi and Advsol5 are connected by Ethernet cable (via a wired Ethernet port in the back of the wireless router), HiFi 'connects' to Advsol5 OK during boot-up (can then access Advsol5's disc drives and printer), and Advsol5 also connects with HiFi (can access HiFi's drives). Keep in mind that accessing HiFi from Advsol5 always requires opening a DOS window and using only DOS commands if I try to look at HiFi drives via Windows Explorer (the HiFi name does appear in the list of networked computers) it causes an error saying something like 'this network function not supported'.

I can ping successfully in both directions. On HiFi I have both NetBEUI and TCP/IP protocols enabled. If I disable NetBEUI (leaving TCP/IP as the ONLY protocol), HiFi then won't connect with Advsol5's drives or printer. This would suggest (to a novice like me) that the protocol being used between them is 'NetBEUI over TCP/IP'. I found the following information on a website about OS/2 networking (I think most of this is relevant to DOS too):

NetBIOS (NetBEUI) over TCP/IP (called TCPBEUI on OS/2)
* Implementation of NetBIOS to operate with TCP/IP as transport mechanism
* Defined by RFCs 1001 and 1002
* Solves the need to route a non-routable protocol
* Encapsulates NetBEUI data in a TCP/IP or UDP/IP frame
* Three modes of operation - Broadcast, Point-to-Point, and Mixed/Hybrid
* Service: NetBIOS Name Server (NBNS)
* Service: NetBIOS Datagram Distribution (NBDD)

So having got the WIRED LAN running to my satisfaction with fixed IP address on HiFi, it was back upstairs to try it over the Squeezebox wireless bridge again. At boot-up, HiFi failed to 'connect' to Advsol5's resources (drives & printer). But I could still successfully ping Advsol5, and now the ping also succeeded in the reverse direction. Furthermore, although HiFi couldn't access any Advsol5 resources (since they weren't 'connected'), Advsol5 could now access HiFi's drives!

On Advsol5, HiFi's drives are given substitute names:
\\hifi\c: -> T:,
\\hifi\d: -> U:
This drive assignment is done with the following DOS commands on Advsol5:
net use t: \\hifi\c
net use u: \\hifi\d
(having instructed HiFi [in its AUTOEXEC.BAT] to share its C: drive as 'c' and D: drive as 'd')

With a wired connection, I can write to the HiFi disc from Advsol5 (e.g. using WordStar 6, my editor of choice), and also in the reverse direction (write to Advsol5 from HiFi).

But when I take HiFi back upstairs and plug it into the Squeezebox, as it boots up it again fails to connect to the Advsol5 resources ("Error 53"), so I still can't access Advsol5 from HiFi. But I *can* access HiFi from Advsol5, including reading and writing files to HiFi.

Can anyone suggest why the Squeezebox wireless bridge works for one PC but not the other, when using NetBIOS (NetBEUI) over TCP/IP. What should I try next?