View Full Version : Improving Wireless Strength on the Squeezebox

Colin Burn-Murdoch
2004-01-22, 04:30
> Two quick questions: my Mac shows traffic out of around 25-30 KB/s (using
> Guy Meyer's Net Monitor) when the Squeezebox is playing. This seems low for
> MP3s sampled at 192 kbps... -- but I'm probably missing something obvious
> when asking if this is typical?
> If I stick to using MP3s, apart from improving quality, what impact on my
> network would sample rates of 320 kbps make (i.e. would it cope okay :-)?

8k[bit]ps = 1K[Byte]ps


192kbps = 24KBps

So that bitrate would sound right.

If you use 320 kbps that'll make 40KBps, which should be handled fine :) Seeing as raw wav files can stream over a wireless network with little problems usually, you're not going to see any problems with 320k MP3s.

Unless of course you have hundreds of players.