View Full Version : squeezebox can't locate all music

2007-10-28, 12:23
Good evening / morning.

I am the proud owner of a fine new squeezebox v3.

First off my config :
slimserver 6.5.2
platform - linux : ubuntu (old TRUSTED ver I
think I'm on Dapper)

Generally the box works fine - only problem being locating a few (got to start off with simple stuff) - mp3 files scattered under Desktop.

I have , excuse me , a v small laptop screen - jvc 731 so easytag does not show totally on it.

I have compared and "modified" (the tags on..) media which is found to that which is not found to the nth degree - still no joy.

The mp3 files it can't seem to find were ripped sometime ago from some cd's i have - using sound juicer - which talks to freedb.

So my question is how do i check my files to ascertain what is wrong with them.

I have recanned now countless times to no avail.

Ordinarily once I've sorted this I'll start digging out all manner of files from my archives. This start point is causing a bit of .. a blockage.

Cheers people