View Full Version : Mostly dead SB1 - any advice?

2007-10-27, 08:34
The VFD on my first SB1 purchased (later upgraded to SB1G) died some time ago. I didn't want to pay the replacement cost and the audio portion was working fine, so I left it alone. Now several months later most of the rest of the SB1 seems dead as well. It no longer shows up in the Slimserver player list. However I can ping it and it does send and receive UDP packets to and from slimserver when there is IR activity.

I removed the VFD and put it into another working SB1G (not upgraded, original) and the VFD does not work over there. The working VFD does not work in the broken SB1 either.

Should I put the old SB1G out of its misery, or is there anything else left to try?


2007-10-27, 12:33
Aww, that sucks. I would probably just retire it and get a SB3. The improvements in the SB3 over the SB1 are worth the investment.

2007-10-27, 12:37
As a junior member, I can only suggest that you send me the SB1 so I have something to tinker with and buy a new SB3 from me.

PS Very cool Avatar. Where should us newbies look for cool Avatars?