View Full Version : Listening to music locally at PC? (and synched withotherplayers)

2004-01-21, 19:56
On Mon, 19 Jan 2004 15:17:51 -0600, "Eric Fiste" <eric (AT) fiste (DOT) net> said:

> 2) have one of the wizards at slimdevices sell me a bare bones (maybe
> hack) device that just has RCA audio outputs, hard wired Ethernet
> connector, and maybe a IR sensor. No display or fancy casing is necessary
> to hopefully greatly reduce the cost.

Here is my two cents on the topic ...

The idea of a "headless" Slimp3/Squeezebox has come up several times
before. Generally, the answer from the folks at Slim is that (at the risk
of putting words in your mouth Dean/Sean) the cost of producing a
separate "headless" version would be so close to the cost of the regular
device, the product would not be viable.

That being said, if it could be done, a "headless" version would have
many advantages; such a unit could be used in situations where one would
not use the display (whole home audio/commercial space/etc.) or where an
alternate display such as a TV, computer nearby or the ultimate, a touch
screen, would be used to control the player.

I would love to be able to have regular players with headless players.
This would allow me to mix and match the players depending on the
environment they will be installed in, using various interfaces to
control them while always having the option to sync all players (as soon
as this is fixed ;-). This would also allow other programs (HTPC/home
automation/etc.) to control a "whole home" audio system based on the Slim

To do this today would be impossible. The ExStreamer can do this but
without a built in display; the Slimp has the built in display and the
best server environment to drive them (IMHO) but requires a full featured
player for all installations.

I think a headless player would be a great addition to the "family" for
multi-player installations in a home or commercial environment, not to
mention it would make the SqueezeBox/Slim family an excellent solution
for the integrator community.

Anyhow, enough of my ramblings ... I would love to hear from Sean or Dean
on this, as well as the rest of the community. Is there a user base that
would buy such a beast ?