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2007-10-26, 03:42
Sorry about length of post. Many thanks to Slim / Logitech for sending me a remote.

Location: Melbourne, Australia
SqueezeCenter Version: 7.0 - 14056 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252
Perl Version: 5.8.8 MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
MySQL Version: 5.0.22-community-nt
Player Firmware: 82
Model: Squeezebox v3
Jive Remote Firmware: 1 r741

First impressions:

Good weight. Minimal buttons. Nice screen. Battery cover nice and tight. Just what a remote should be like.
Intuitive menus for users used to SB. Has all the functions I ever use on my SB (I dont do anything fancy.. just listen to music).
Irritating audio feedback when scrolling.

Issues in no particular order (apologies if some of these have already been mentioned):

Couldn't find my wireless network when on channel 13. Had to change to a more standard channel.
Couldn't find my SB before firmware upgrade (why does it have to find the player before upgrading the firmware from SC over wireless? seems like an odd decision). Managed to upgrade firmware using a 2gb SD card and ssh.

Scroll wheel might be better with tactile feedback rather than audio feedback. The rate at which the UI updates as the wheel is spun seems to vary a bit while scrolling. This makes it a bit difficult to "learn" how far or fast to spin the wheel.

If get an album playing, then press power button on IR remote, the jive remote notifies me (with a popup) that the player has paused and the Now Playing section is cleared. If I press power again on the IR remote, the Now Playing section is repopulated. If I then restart music by pressing pause on IR remote, the Jive remote gives no popup notification, and thinks the player is still paused. The Now Playing section then never gets updated, even if I start playing a new album from the jive remote. Further, I get no further notifications of anything on the jive remote and the time stops updating until I do a power cycle.

Now Playing, and Now Playing screensaver seem to only work some of the time.. although this may be related to the above problem. I have also noticed that sometimes the current song is displayed incorrectly on the SC7 web interface for the player.. so the problem may be in SC rather than the Jive remote. (havent tracked this one down properly yet).

I have no artwork, so the icons waste a lot of real estate when browsing or viewing Now Playing. Could the artwork display be smarter (i.e. not display if there is no artwork) or optional?

Once when scrolling up from the top of a menu I got an audio click for scrolling feedback, but the UI didn't scroll to the bottom as it usually does.

Once the volume controls stopped working.. but other controls seemed fine. This was after notifications stopped working as described above.

Spelling when forgetting a network: "forgotting <networkname>"

2007-10-29, 09:13
We did test it out to channel 13 on a few of our routers here. What kind of wireless router are you using it with? Perhaps there's some issue with your specific router.

Thanks for any info!