View Full Version : Dead screen and audio amp on SB2

2007-10-26, 02:47

I just went to use my SB2 and found that the screen wasn't waking up. Upon investigating:

1) The screen appears completely dead. When I remove and apply power no splash screen appears. Selecting different brightness levels doesn't help.

2) I can ping the SB2 on the wireless network and see the device in slimserver.

3) There's a red glow from the optical output

4) If I play music on the SB2 remotely using the web UI audio is produced but only if I set maximum volume and even then it's very quiet on the line out. I've not tried the headphone jack.

5) The SB2 responds to the infra red remote control normally.

I have a 2nd SB2 so I've been able to test on another external PSU. Open circuit PSU voltage is 5.2v on both and using the PSU from my other SB2 doesn't help.

Any idea? Seems that only the screen and perhaps final audio amplifier stage is down. Some sort of internal PSU failure?

I'm in the UK so I'm wondering whether I'd do better to replace a blown component myself or return to Slim Devices - presumably a long round trip time for me. Device is several years old so it's well and truly out of warranty :(

Any advice appreciated.


Anoop M.
2007-10-26, 12:42
Try doing a factory reset. Unplug the unit and while you plug it in, hold down the add button on your remote.

2007-10-26, 14:14
Thanks. Just tried holding down "ADD" on the remote. No change in symptoms (apart from having to guess way to navigate back to my wireless access point).