View Full Version : Squeeze box...just stopped working.

2007-10-25, 04:09
For no reason whats-o-ever my Squeezebox has just stopped working. It's about a year and a half old, it's never been dropped, to hot, to wet, abused in any way shape or form but it's just stopped working.

I'm hoping it's a fuse in the transformer anyone have any other ideas?

2007-10-25, 08:35
Is the screen completely blank when you unplug and plug it in again? If so, there's nothing you can really do except try replacing the power adaptor, then the Squeezebox. Get in touch with the support team http://www.slimdevices.com/su_tech.html for further hardware support...

2007-11-03, 06:57
keep 1 pressed when you re-plug in the SB3.
this will reset the XILINX chip inside the SB3.
then try also to hold the + after re-pluggin in, if necessary.