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2007-10-22, 17:52
The last couple nightly releases have been a big step backwards in functionality for my jive remote. After I select a a song to play, the volume control function stops working- I push one of the volume buttons and it does nothing- no click/beep from the remote, and no effect on my SB3. I can't see any random mix on any of the menus either (never could). The now playing screen saver doesn't work either- I play a song and it shows the last song I played.

I have tried doing a factory reset on the remote, and stopping and restarting SC, and it isn't helping.


Right now the remote shows that playback is paused even though I am listening to an internet radio station. The now-playing (selected by the menu) display is displaying the small cover art of a song I played this afternoon, even though I have played several things since that one was played. It also isn't switching to the large cover art now-playing screen saver. The volume buttons ARE working, and I can change internet radio stations.


2007-10-22, 19:39
Has the now playing screen ever worked? I just got mine setup this evening, and now playing never seems to get updated past the first time I added a playlist.

2007-10-22, 21:24
After several attempts to reset it I managed to get it working again...


2007-10-23, 00:28
A factory reset will only provide you with a temporary fix in my experience.

I would agree that the Jive has become extremely flaky over the last week or 2. I discovered that the screensaver on mine wouldn't kick in until until I changed the background image. Obviously something is corrpting the prefs file on the remote, leaving it confused over what it should be doing. A factory reset blows away these settings and restores the defaults.
Last night I was playing some music and the pause button would not work.

I suspect that some of the Jive's problems are actually server-side. I see a backtrace in my server.log when I click the play or pause buttons in the WebUI using the classic skin.