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2007-10-22, 17:44
We're working on implementing a new workflow for bugs.

From conversations between Dean and I, this is kind of how it's looking.

The default assignee for bugs will be "unassigned@slimdevices.com". When a new bug is reported it will be assigned to this user. After this, the bug is "triaged" by Slim Devices team members. The severity and target will be corrected, and it will be assigned to a person, OR it will be left assigned to "unassigned" and set for "Future". So, all bugs will fall into one of these three categories:

1) New, assigned to "unassigned", targeted for "---", not yet "triaged"
2) Assigned to a live person who will conscientiously deal with the bug.
3) Assigned to "unassigned" and targeted for "Future".

Community members are encouraged to talk to the bug assignees (or post to them here on the forums) if there's a particular bug they would like to work on, or they are welcome to work on bugs assigned to "unassigned" with or without assigning such bugs to themselves.

Bugs set for "Future" will be reviewed regularly (no, really) and targeted for an upcoming release as required. Bugs that have been assigned will be reviewed if they have not had any activity for a while, to see if the assignee needs help, or if they no longer have time, or just to see if there's any issue.

At any time, bugs can be assigned to "qa@slimdevices.com" for research, generating log files, interrogating with end users, or other actions. Bugs can also be assigned to me, chris@slimdevices.com for management attention.

We are not currently considering using some of Bugzilla's other features, such as requiring some number of votes or explicit "confirmation" by an empowered use to get out of an "unconfirmed" state, but if anyone has thoughts on this, we'd be happy to consider them.

Please let us know what you think!

2007-10-22, 20:11
We're working on implementing a new workflow for bugs.

Please let us know what you think!

Chris, I posted some thoughts regarding this in two threads a few weeks back. It might be worth incorporating some of the answers I got into your process.

Here are the threads:

Another thing is that I've always felt that it is pretty hard to find existing bug reports with the simple search mechanism in bugzilla. If you instead use the advanced search my experience it that you find a lot more matching entries even if you search for the same things. I would imaging that this results in a lot of duplicates, so if there is any way to make the simple search mechanism work better I think it might result in fewer duplicates.

2007-10-23, 08:03
Thanks for pointing me to your earlier threads, Erland.

This new procedure I think should make clear some of your questions. KDF's comments are on target as usual. Severity is not really used at this time.

I will add to my document that if you (or another user or community member) wants a bug to be reviewed by qa or me or Dean or Sean or whomever, you can always add our name(s) to the cc list and leave a comment of 'hey can you have a look at this please'. There's been a bit of an overload with the bug contest, but in general that approach should work okay.

It's not an imposition. Users often see things that need attention that we have missed.