View Full Version : Slimserver in Ubuntu 7.04 server

2007-10-22, 03:31
I installed the latest slimserver in my ubuntu server.
I made a directory for my MP3's called MP3albums.

In de configuration of the server i can fill in the path for the player to see the songs. /MP3albums but the plater say's there are no files in it.

Is there a "how to" how to fill in all the fields??

The player sees the slimserver....

2007-10-22, 08:44

Just to make sure, did you rescan after you entered the path to the MP3albums directory.

What are the file permissions on your MP3albums-directory ?
Have you tried browsing by folder ?


2007-10-25, 13:02

If you created the folder in your Home folder, then the path is usually /home/USERNAME/MP3albums, you need to replace the "USERNAME" with the username you have in 7.04