View Full Version : Looking for SqueezeBox display

2007-10-21, 22:12
I have had my SqueezeBox for quite a while now, but the display has failed me. The unit still works fine, but I can't see what I'm doing!

Does someone have one of the old text (or possibly graphical) displays around? I never upgraded to the graphical display, although I was tempted. I'll pay a reasonable price - I'm just not ready to buy a new unit.

Send me a PM - thanks!

2007-10-22, 11:24
We fix them here. I believe the charge is $90 for an out of warranty unit.


2007-10-29, 18:45
Thanks for the information. I had tried contacting support a few times, but it was during the whole Logitech switch, so it must have been lost.

I received several messages from people with the old text screens and I was able to get one and get it up and working again. I forgot how much I missed it! Thanks go out to wolo for the help; it is great to have such a helpful community!