View Full Version : SB3 won't start when powered up

2007-10-21, 21:08
I unplug or switch off with an outlet box all parasitic power devices I own when I am not using them - anything with a wall wart or always on mode. That includes the wireless SqueezeBox 3 I bought a year ago and use for internet radio.

Last week, the SB3 display did not light up when I plugged it in, but there was a slight click through the speakers, and I could see the red light in the optical out port. A couple of days later, I tried again and it worked - the display showed the initiation cycle and the remote worked fine after the IP address was obtained.

Tonight the same thing happened. Plug the SB3 in, hear a slight click through the speakers, see red light in the optical out, and no display comes up, and there is no visible response to the remote on/off.

Any suggestions??


2007-10-21, 21:16
Please get in touch with our support team, it sounds like a hardware failure.