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2007-10-21, 15:00
Hello fellows,

does anybody know the device code of the remote control.
I'm trying to use my Bose Lifestyle to remotely control the Squeezebox.


2007-10-21, 16:00
The SB and SlimServer will respond to it's own remote, and also to a JVC DVD player remote. That should be available on your remote i would think.

This goes back to the SliMP3 and original SB that had a Sony universal remote instead of the custom one that's used now.

2007-10-21, 16:17
My Bose offers me for JVC devices about 5 device codes but none of them works. I could try of course all 9999 available codes on the free configurable section but that would take ages.
Can I capture in the slimserver log the signals that the SB receives and then configure something like a mapping table??

2007-10-22, 01:36
Just a thought. You might need to enable the JVC codes in SlimServer. I'm not at home to check it out unfortunately.

2007-10-22, 03:29
JVC_DVD is enabled!

2007-10-22, 03:42
I'm not sure if these is a single "device code". However, you can easily work out the codes for the various functions from the ir files

Look for directory, SlimServer/server/IR then file Slim_Devices_Remote.ir (based on a Windows install).

There is also this which is for Pronto, but may help:


2007-10-22, 04:13
Thanks a lot, that looks promising. I'll give it a go.

2007-10-22, 07:24
slim_maikel wrote:
> Thanks a lot, that looks promising. I'll give it a go.

There's a debug setting (D_IR, I think, but I'm not certain) that will
log the raw codes for every remote press. You can set that, then press
every button on your bose remote, and use that data to write your own
bose.ir file.

- Marc