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2007-10-20, 16:24
Just got my Jive! Here's yet another feedback/questions thread.

In general, I think the Jive is a great idea that needs a little tweaking.

- Connecting to my network was pretty easy. It did get stuck at one point on the 2nd screen that asked would I like to get started, but I just removed/reinserted the battery. Then I was able to connect without a flaw. I like the data entry screen for my WEP key.

- Overall the screen quality is very good. Wallpapers are attractive.

- As others have said, my main criticism is that the display is slow and lags behind inputs.

- When I selected an internet radio station, there was no feedback on the Jive as to whether the connection was successful. Internet radio stations are often unavailable. In this case where a connection times out, you either have to go to the Squeezebox to see this information, or just keep waiting and assume after a while that it didn't work.

- When I enter one of the top level menus, the text at the top (e.g. Favorites, Music On Demand) is in black text, small, and altogether generally unreadable.

- Information Browser extra does not display anything.

- I went to Settings / Controller Settings / Advanced / Software Update, and it said to click on Continue to download an update. But there was no Continue option that I could see. So I can't figure out how to update the firmware on the Jive.

- I saw the headphone jack on the Jive unit, and I expected that I would be able to hear music on it. But I can only seem to hear the beeps coming from the unit itself when I select menu items. Is there a setting I don't see here that lets me use this as a portable Squeezebox? If not, I fail to see why the audio is necessary, let alone the headphone jack.

- It would be great to be able to play all of the existing Slim plugins on the Jive.

2007-10-23, 12:29
I've got no Jive... only read the states and I'm very interested.

Question 1 is it possible to get a sample ?

Question 2 How can I select the device to control ?
(/ is it possible to use one Jive for different players ?/)


2007-10-23, 14:19
I think that if you get the 'upgrade' screen with no continue option, you may need to follow the procedure here http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=38747 to get Jive upgraded?

That was the state my Jive was in when it arrived last week - I also had the same blank XMLBrowser screen.


2007-10-24, 01:37
Question 1 is it possible to get a sample ?
Slimdevices sent out invitations for the hardware beta test program to selected community members.

Question 2 How can I select the device to control ?
(/ is it possible to use one Jive for different players ?/)

Yes, you can select the player you want to control from the JHW.

You can test jive on your PC, without the hardware.
Check out the wiki for instructions: http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?JiveSoftware