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2007-10-20, 15:57
Hi all, If I've posted this request for Technical assistance in the wrong spot, my apologies. If not, I hope someone can help me out with this issue as it's becoming increasingly frustrating.

I've been in contact with Slim Devices tech support but haven't found a solution yet, so thought to post here.

I've got a mac g4 tower (digital audio version) running OSX 10.4.9; Slimserver 6.5.5; with 2 750 gb. SATA drives in software RAID mirrored. The G4 is connected by ethernet cable to a wireless router, the SB3 is connecting wirelessly (signal strength ~80%. Problem occurs when wired with ethernet cable as well.

The SB3 will freeze at seemingly random times: with 11 seconds to go in a song, when adjusting the volume, when searching for music, when selecting the next track, when selecting an album, etc.

It seems the issue is between the G4 OS and the Slimserver program, as when the SB3 freezes it is not possible to "stop server" in the Preference pane - it gets stuck somewhere in the middle. The G4 won't shut down fully at this point and has to be manually shutdown and restarted.

I've tried to attach a .log file generated with the instructions from the Tech support- but can't upload ".log" and turning it into a word doc proved for too large a file... the following is the section of the log containing errors:

2007-10-16 18:27:54.7646 ERROR: forceCommit: Trying to commit transactions before DB is initialized!

2007-10-16 18:27:54.7757 ERROR: DBI Connection failed: DBI connect('hostname=;port=9092;database=sli mserver:mysql_socket=/Users/Tasty/Library/Caches/SlimServer/slimserver-mysql.sock','slimserver',...) failed: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (61) at /Users/Tasty/Library/PreferencePanes/SlimServer.prefPane/Contents/server/CPAN/DBIx/Class/Storage/DBI.pm line 652


There's more to the .log file - but there must be a better way to share the whole text of it....

2007-11-03, 06:58