View Full Version : Random mix end notification problem?

2007-10-20, 01:39

I was playing a random mix.
I wanted instead to play an artist.
I pressed home.
I went to My Music.
I selected Artists.
I scrolled down to Archive (the scroll speed means that going too far in the artists is tedious).
I scrolled down to Lights.
I pressed Play.

Two sound effect blips happened and the notification popped up showing:

Random Mix
Random Mix stopped

I think the first of the effect blips was the 'Started playing Sane from Lights by Archive' (or whatever the message is) and the second one was the one that was shown above (Random Mix Stopped). Is this a problem ? Is the random mix notification obscuring the more relevant message ? Should notifications perhaps be queued and displayed sequentially after a short delay if they occur close together ?

(and, do we care that the Random Mix was stopped?)