View Full Version : which distro / distros are good for installing and running slim software ?

2007-10-19, 21:18
I have been multibooting Windows XP and different Linuxes for about a year now. I know enough about Linux to be dangerous to myself now. Consequently I was wondering if you knew which distros are the best/easiest to install the slim devices software on.

I know that debian is the obvious choice but I am not going to run debian. I will definitely install PCLinuxOS, Linux Mint and probably Mepis. Have you used these or other newbie friendly distros with you Squeezebox or Transporter?



Mark Miksis
2007-10-19, 21:24
Fedora and Ubuntu are probably the most popular here.

Mark Lanctot
2007-10-19, 21:27
I know that debian is the obvious choice but I am not going to run debian.

Why not? You asked which one is the best?

Actually Ubuntu is all the rage right now - it has the most active forum by far and is Debian-based.

Ubuntu 7.10 just came out yesterday. I installed SlimServer on 7.10 using http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.cgi?DebianPackage without any issues in a few minutes.

2007-10-19, 23:36
+1 for Ubuntu. I've been a Linux user for > 10 years, and a sysadmin for various UNIX/Linux systems for almost that long. Ubuntu is one of the few Linux systems I've seen that can span the ultra-nerd like me to the "not-a-computer-person" types I sometimes support.

2007-10-20, 00:53
another vote for Ubuntu, Kubuntu and/ or Xubuntu, depending on whether you like the Gnome, KDE or Xfce desktop. All the same under the hood.

2007-10-20, 00:54
I know that debian is the obvious choice but I am not going to run debian.

I'd be interested to hear how come you're not going to run Debian.

2007-10-20, 07:21
no problem with debian, I just want the tuned up versions of the basics. In other words, Mepis, PCLinuxOS, Vector rather than Slack, Debian, Red Hat.

I will have a debian based distro if not several

2007-10-20, 09:12
brjoon1021 wrote:
> I will have a debian based distro if not several

I run my SqueezeCenter 7 on pure Debian.
I also have two Ubuntu boxes, one with SqueezeCenter 7 as well.

I guess I'm a geek, but I like the pure Debian better than the Ubuntu,
as they seem to have too much user friendly stuff, and eyecandy for my
tastes. All personal opinion, of course.

For years, I ran SS on Mandriva, and gave up on Mandriva completely.
They have a different vision of what a good distro is than I have.

Pat Farrell

2007-10-20, 11:16
Why not Gentoo? If you just follow the manual to install anyone can run it. When it runs: "emerge slimserver" is all you need.

2007-10-20, 13:05
Why not Gentoo? If you just follow the manual

Manual? You mean RTFM? Not a prayer.
Nobody reads manuals anymore. Perhaps never did.

If its not point and click, its no good.

2007-10-23, 11:39
Maybe not so good idea to go to linux then perhaps?

2007-10-23, 12:55
I also use and recommend Ubuntu. Ubuntu Gutsy has been just been released and there are lots of reviews on the net which you could check out.

With regards to slimserver one selling point is that Slimdevices officially (at least I think so) supports debian-based distributions. Another good thing is that among the people who frequents these forums quite a few seem to use Ubuntu.


2007-10-24, 00:43
Another vote for ubuntu, here. As a relative novice in *nix systems, I brought my Shuttle X200 home on Friday evening and, with assistance from the web and O'Reilly's 'LINUX in a nutshell', I had SlimServer up and running within a few minutes. I left my music files copying across from the QNAP when I went to bed.

2007-12-09, 11:48

I am trying to set up an old pc with Xubuntu
and was wondering if anyone could point me to
a wiki/tutorial with regards to the Slimserver software.
Which ver to use?
Other add ons required etc

I have two SB3's and love them
One in garage and other in house.
Constantly on and playing, just
gotta get server off the main pc.


2007-12-09, 12:52
For a start just follow the instructions at
Install the latest stable. The latest development version also works fine for many, but it is ongoing work. Add ons is a matter of personal taste. None which are not included are really required. Where you thinking of anythins in particular? You could also browse the 3rd party forum and the wikifor an overview of whats out there.