View Full Version : Heads Up: libsox-fmt-* packages in Debian

2007-10-18, 12:12
This may be old news but it may save someone time, so here goes:

Debian unstable on i386, SlimServer 6.5.4. Ogg files stopped playing recently (only realized it yesterday).

The error looked like this:
/usr/bin/sox soxio: Failed reading `/some/dir/some_track.ogg': unknown file type `ogg'

It looks like sox was refactored at some recent point in Debian so that a whole bunch of format-specific "plugin" packages are needed. I just went ahead and installed libsox-fmt-all which brings in the whole lot through dependencies:

d@greebo:~$ dpkg -l |grep libsox
ii libsox-fmt-all 14.0.0-4 All SoX format libraries
ii libsox-fmt-alsa 14.0.0-4 SoX alsa format I/O library
ii libsox-fmt-ao 14.0.0-4 SoX Libao format I/O library
ii libsox-fmt-base 14.0.0-4 Minimal set of SoX format libraries
ii libsox-fmt-ffmpeg 14.0.0-4 SoX ffmpeg format library
ii libsox-fmt-flac 14.0.0-4 SoX FLAC format library
ii libsox-fmt-gsm 14.0.0-4 SoX GSM format library
ii libsox-fmt-mp3 14.0.0-4 SoX MP3 format library
ii libsox-fmt-ogg 14.0.0-4 SoX OGG Vorbis format library
ii libsox-fmt-oss 14.0.0-4 SoX OSS format I/O library
ii libsox-fmt-sndfile 14.0.0-4 SoX libsndfile format library
ii libsox0 14.0.0-4 SoX library

Hope this saves someone a couple minutes.