View Full Version : Network firmware upgrade with trunk squeezecenter

2007-10-18, 11:36

Having got the squeezecenter to download the latest firmware (though I'm not sure /what/ made it work - it did download it though), I tried the network update option in the Jive remote. This was not successful. It does a little spin with its network activity lights and then says Upgrade failed 'Try again...'.

I tried this a few times then started turning on debug on the server and the jive client. Not being able to work out where the jive debug comes out of (/var/log/messages doesn't seem to contain anything about the things that I've turned on and I can't see any other 'log' files that might have been made), and being unable to see which option in the squeezecenter debug would help, I resorted to tcpdump and wireshark.

A quick capture later and I've got the exchange from the remote and the server :

GET /firmware/jive_1_r704.bin HTTP/1.1
te: trailers
connection: close, TE
user-agent: LuaSocket 2.0.1

HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found
Server: SqueezeCenter (7.0 - TRUNK)
Connection: close, TE
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 18:27:06 GMT
Content-Length: 110
Content-Type: text/html

<BODY>404 Not Found: firmware/jive_1_r704.bin


2007-10-18, 11:54
Possible reason...

I originally installed a nightly.

This was installed at /home/slim3/SlimServer_trunk_v2007-10-12/.

I did a bit of set up, found some problems, reported then and decided to go to tracking svn trunk because it was easier and required less to download daily.

Because I'd set up a few things, I picked up my prefs directory and copied it over to the new /home/slim3/svn/server directory.

Unknown to me, there are hardcoded paths which point to the old installation. One of these, cachedir: was set to ...

cachedir: /home/slim3/SlimServer_trunk_v2007-10-12/Cache

This is where the firmware had been downloaded to. Changing this path to point to a Cache directory /home/slim3/svn/server/Cache and restarting the server didn't help. It still asks me to try again.

So whilst that was an interesting interlude, it didn't actually help.

Rebooting the Jive remote, however, has immediately offered me a Software Update 'Begin Update' option (As well as an 'Update from SD card' - it might be handy if the 'Begin update' said 'Begin network update' or something to distinguish it from the SD card update).

It's now done its business and is restarting.

It's a little different, with icons in the title bars, so I'm guessing it did something.

Selecting the 'Network update' option on the controller Advanced menu now appears to find the update.

Don't know whether that little description of my use helps, but it's all about the feedback, I guess...