View Full Version : Squeezebox stops steaminng from DABBAR

2007-10-18, 02:02
Hi all

I have been fighting with a trinloc DAB USB reciever for some time now. After many combinations of operating systems and computers W2003, XP sp1, XP sp2 I now have it running on a 500mhz W2000 machine. The slimserver in on a W2003 machine. I use the Dabbar software to stream the stations and it appears in the squeezebox in my favorites. The problem is it just stops after 1-5 minutes. If you look on the W2000 pc the Dabbar software says its still streaming. Selecting the favorite again on the squeezebox will restart it for another minute or so. All other Squeezebox music works fine. I have WM11 on all my client PC's so am unable to check the DABBAR stream from another source. Anyone been down this road ??

2007-10-18, 06:25
I have Slimserver running on an XP SP2 box also DABBAR on the same box. I have no real issues with it. Once streaming I have not known the stream drop out.

For some reason I thought that DABBAR was only XP compatible but the DABBAR site does not say this so I don't know where I got that idea from.

The only issue I regularly have is that I come to use it and it fails to work because of poor DAB wireless signal; this is usually resolved by taking down DABBAR and then powering the Trinloc off/on and then restarting DABBAR.

Are your issues possibly related to not running DABBAR on the same box as Slimserver?


2007-10-18, 06:34
I used DABBAR for a while, with all manner of glitches, before switching to AlienBBC - which provides identical quality streams in most cases and with the added benefit of ListenAgain.

I'm curious why you're persevering with DABBAR?