View Full Version : Calling all bands (and folks with friends in bands)!

2007-10-16, 10:56
How would you like to see your album art used in the marketing materials for Logitech's Squeezebox and Transporter products, and SqueezeCenter and SqueezeNetwork software apps?

We'd love to have the opportunity to show off your album covers on box shots, screen shots, on our web site, in product tours, product demos, maybe even billboards, bus wraps, and other advertising.

If you are in a band or have a friend in a band you can refer to us, send me an email. The link is in my forum profile -- I'd prefer not to post it, only to limit spam. You can also create it by using my first name and last name (carlton) connected with an underscore, sent to me at logitech.com.

We're also always looking for songs where we can have public performance rights, so if you're interested in letting us play your music at trade shows, customer events, etc., please let us know that, too.

-=> Jim