View Full Version : Viewing Tags Instead of Files Names When Browsing

2007-10-16, 04:57
When I browse through my library on my SB3 and finally select a folder to listen to what I see is the file name (xxxx.flac) instead of the song name which is stored as a meta tag. In order to see the file name I have to press the right arrow key. The downside to this is if I want to quickly browse through the songs names I can't hit the down arrow consecutively. I have to keep hitting right arrow (song name), left arrow (back to file name), down arrow (next file name), etc.

Is there some way that I can configure slimserver so I am not seeing the file names and just seeing the folder names? Should I be browsing some other way? BTW, each folder contains a concert which is way it is organzied that way.

2007-10-16, 05:08
Instead of browsing the music folder just use one of the tag-based browse modes: artists, albums, genres, year

There's no way to configure the browse music folder view.