View Full Version : Another CLI Bug

2007-10-15, 16:39
version 6.5.4 of Slim Server using the CLI interface

When using the "playlist addalbum" command as in
bb:2c:be:ca:da:1d playlist addalbum * 3%20Doors%20down *

It properly retrieves all the songs for the artist "3 doors down" which are on several albums in the library. However it puts them into the Now Playing list in a strange order (IMHO). It first puts in all of the Track 1's from all the albums, then all of the track2's, then all of the track 3's . . .

It does this no matter how you filter (genres, albums, artists)

I am pretty sure that when an actual player does it first come all of the tracks from the first album, then all of the tracks from the second album, . . . which makes much more sense (to me at least)

Is this the correct operation (it is what is happening) or is it another Bug. I guess I need to figure out how to formally submit a bug report!

Help Appreciated