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2007-10-15, 08:41
Just a quick note of appreciation to Sean and his team for the fantastic work they have done with the Squeezebox and Transporter.

I own 3 SB3's and a Transporter and since acquiring my first SB3 have rediscovered my love for music. Before the SB3 I always had a reason not to listen: not enough time, only 1 transport, where's that cd etc. etc. Now, with the affordable convenience of my entire collection at my fingertips 24/7, coupled with excellent sound, I make time to listen. It just works, and it works so damned well I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Thanks also to all of you volunteering your time to code plugins. Your efforts make a great product even better and I for one certainly appreciate that.

Rick B.
2007-10-15, 08:49
Thanks for this post. I was thinking of posting something similar. Thank you, everyone, for such a great product which has also brought me back to my music!

2007-10-15, 09:27
Agree completely. Brilliant piece of kit. Glad I chose it over the Sonos. Decision took a long time and it WAS a tough one. The 17 people at the party here over the weekend are going for SB3 now too. Another party this weekend - MUUUUUUUCH BIGGER.

2007-10-15, 09:28
I agree, the Squeezebox offers a fundamental lifestyle change. A fantastic product. My family loves it. Now we want more; touch screen control panel; Moose type interface integrated into the system; wireless speakers etc. etc.

2007-10-15, 13:09
Best thing since sliced bread! I've set up a few friends. Looking forward to what v.7 will bring. Thanks guys!

2007-10-15, 14:15
As I've said in other threads, i've been an avid follower of SD since I first read about them on Slashdot back in 2001.

I love my two SB3s and would gladly expand my collection if only i had somewhere to put them (1 bedroom apartment at the moment). I have a SliMP3 in a box waiting to find a home.

I do get the feeling that the concept is finally coming of age now. With the Transporter things got serious o the audio front, SC7 has seems to be kicking the software up a gear and Jive shows a lot of potential for taking things forward.

Being invited to take part in the beta team on Jive felt like quite an honour for me :)

Thank you for all the ahrd work that has gone into these products. Although, my finances wuldn't thank you for the amount of music i buy these days...

2007-10-15, 15:16
Have to agree. Now I want to listen to music rather than just watch the box. The quality is superb and so easy to find and navigate. Plus the wealth of Plugins like Album review and Biography add another layer.

Thanks guys for allowing me to re-discover music

2007-10-15, 15:23
I agree as well, thanks. The SB has changed my life. No more CD's all over the house. I now buy CD's with reckless abandon and I also download FLACs from DimeADozen and Zappateers. Any music that I didn't know how to store (like out of print LP's that I recorded to CD) are now neatly organized on my hard drive. The only drawback is that now I'm too lazy to grab my SACD's and play them even though I think they sound slightly better on my Marantz DV-9600 than the Redbook layer that I ripped to my hard drive (I guess not better enough to get off of my lazy a** and put one on!) I also kind of miss the CD liner notes and I sometimes grab a CD and read them.

2007-10-15, 17:15
I need to second all of the above comments.

It's a revelation. Since getting the SB2 and the SB3, I've been listening to stuff that I'd long forgotten about. RandomPlay is a godsend! AlienBBC yes! Jive? Adorable!

Visitors love it, Her Indoors loves it, my parents didn't know quite what to make of it. But they loved it, I could tell.

And I sit here now writing Perl into the early hours. On a work night. In between placing bids on SlimP3's on eBay. (Damn!)

Keep up the good work lads and lasses...


2007-10-16, 01:22
Visitors love it, Her Indoors loves it, my parents didn't know quite what to make of it. But they loved it, I could tell.
Visitors I have are a little daunted by it, but that could be the scale of my music collection rather than anything else. Most of my friends aren't big music buyers.

My mum loves the fact i can call up a country station from the US over ShoutCast, especailly when it gives you the track names as well.

Dante Cubit
2007-10-17, 08:08
Another big thumbs up. I've been loving me some SB3 for quite a while and even my wife thinks it cool (and she makes the unabomber look like Steve Jobs...)

They should bring back the "MP3 is not a crime"* sticker though...

*Unless the bitrate is <192kbs

2007-10-17, 09:13
I can only agree with everyone! I had one of the first hand assembled ones and now have around 10 SB3's, and probably helped a couple of people buy one or two themselves .. just got another a week ago to put the 'final touch' to a rennovation! ;)

The rumours are true.. order from www.slimdevices.com and they still have the cool old school logo!

Truly a great product!

2007-10-17, 11:26
In addition to the great music server aspects of hearing all the tunes I own through SB3's, the SqueezeNetwork capabilities have added a whole new dimension to radio listening in my home, where FM reception (not to mention the content quality of commercial radio stations) is poor.