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Jon Stevens
2004-01-20, 02:04
Hi Dean,

This is a full description of the environment I have....

(I have disconnected the Squeezebox for now so as not to confuse things)

iMac 1.25Ghz 17" running Mac OS X 10.3.2
SlimpServer 5.0.3 - Build last installed was the 16th Jan - i didn't
use the .dmg, I copied the bits into the Pref Pane.
10/100 wired network running on a switched hub
CAT 5 wiring, tested
4 Slimp3 boxes with 2.2 firmware
iTunes 4.2 with 28,000 songs, mixture of mp3's and AAC files
3 remote slimps synced to one master slimp, whose audio output is
running an amp, which in turn powers 8 pairs of speakers in the
ceilings around the house (its a very big amp!)

The install is in a large house, but the network length is well within
Ethernet recommendations.

On around 50% of my tracks, the slimp output is very skippy - like a
scratched CD or a needle jumping on vinyl. The jumping is worse on some
tracks than others, and on some is always reproduceable. I have not
scientifically analysed the behavior here, but I have yet to witness
this happen on AAC tracks. I have seen it on both CBR and VBR mp3s at
128 and 192 rips. The source of the mp3's is varied, although I have
witnessed it on iTunes ripped files, as well as those from an unknown

The problem will occur immediately on the first track played from a
restart. Then again, sometimes it wont happen for hours.

If I unsync the slimps and just output through the master, then i have
no problems at all.

Kevin has asked me to install the buffer debug thing - I am onsite
tomorrow, so will try this then.

I am hoping to fix this tomorrow as my client returns from holiday and
I would like to get paid! - this is a $30,000 install and the slimps
are the main attraction!

I will be installing an extra 256Mb of RAM tomorrow in the hope that
this helps. Any ideas of test builds would be much appreciated!


Jon Stevens