View Full Version : sync problem (different than recent thread)

2004-01-19, 19:05

Even with a new Squeezebox, updated firmaware, and the
1/19 build, I still have the same sync problem I've
had since my initial SB. My SB and S3 stay synched
very acceptably, but getting the S3 to synch to the SB
via the remote is problematic at best. It could take
anywhere from 3 to over a dozen attempts to engage
synch if I have the patience to keep trying. This is
only true via the remote and if the initial unit
playing is the SB. From the web interface it works
fine, as it is via the remote if I synch the SB to
the S3. I am running OSX 1.3.2. If you want a
particular log file forwarded, please tell me which
one and where it is located and I will be happy to


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