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2007-10-13, 10:53

I had my slim server set up to use my iTunes library and it worked great with my multiple soft squeeze instances. (everything on same Win Server 2003 box: slim server, iTubnes, softsqueeze).

Yesterday, I wanted to see how FLACs wouyld work with my setup. I used EAC to create a FLAC version of a CD. I switched off use iTunes in SS server settings and pointed to the flac directory. I did a clear & rescan. All worked great, SS found the album and ll listing showed 1 album, 1 artist etc.

OK, test done, I reversed my steps (switched use iTunes back on etc.). Did a clear and rescan but no luck. SlimServer still found the single FLAC album. I cleared the music path field and did a rescan, now SS finds 0 albums 0 tracks.

Any ideas how I get my SS instance to connect to my iTunes again?



2007-10-14, 03:12
Solved it:

It's necessary to pasted the path to your iTunes library into the 'Music Folder' field under Server Settings --> Basic.

Odd but scanning now works.