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2004-01-19, 17:05
I have already described my sync problem in great detail, but a summary of
what is happening is that after playing synchronized for a period of time
(10 minutes to an hour or longer) the squeezebox will stop outputting audio
even as the countdown timer continues showing remaining time on the track.
The audio will re-establish for the next track in most cases but at that
point the audio of the two units is out of synch with each other.

The problem is always with the Squeezebox, never with the slimp3 and the
problem has basically been the same from the beginning.

Running independently neither unit has any issues to speak of.

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A few people here are reporting sync problems, as I have done recently.

I have a four slimp and 1 squeezebox install as part of a major house
installation I have done for a client, and the sync is not working
properly, the music skips constantly. I have had the network tested and
it is fine, and if I play unsynced everything is fine.

For the people reporting sync problems, does your audio 'jump' like a
needle would on a record, or is it just that you cannot get syncronised
audio output?

I have spent over $1000 on a solution that was sold as a feature
(syncing), and my client hasn't paid me yet - I really am looking to
get this fixed!

Is anyone else having this problem?


Jon Stevens