View Full Version : Unable to access slimserver http interface from remote machine

2007-10-12, 15:36
I have a Pc running ubuntu and slimserver. From theubuntu pc I have no problem accessing slim server using http://machine_name:9000

I wish to control slimserver from a laptop machine runnning Vista. If I enter same url as above, the browser manages to load top level frameset file (correctly sets window title to SlimServer), but then fails to load the frame contents. I suspect the port number (":9000") part of url is getting lost in the second http access, and http request is going to defgault http port 80 instead(ubuntu machine has no http server). I have both IE and Firefox browsers on laptop, neither works.

Is anyone aware of a fix for this

2007-10-12, 19:23
can you be a little more specific?

On your Ubuntu machine you use something like:


Then on your Windows machine you use the same thing


and not


Do you have firewall software on the Windows machine?
Does the
resolve on your Windows machine?

Can you ping the ubuntumachine_name from a CMD shell on the Windows machine?

2007-10-13, 00:52
Yes the url used from the ubuntu machine is identical to that used from the windows laptop, http://ubuntu_machine:9000

The web page put up by the server uses the frames. The top level file defining the frame outlines downloads successfully on both the ubuntu machine and the laptop (as can be seen by the title of browser window changing to "slimdevices". It is when the laptop browser attempts to download the contents of each frame that a problem appears to exist.

From the above , and the fact that Samba file sharing, and printing , and ping ubuntu machine from laptop are operating correctly I don't think its a name resolution problem.

2007-10-13, 21:19
What do you get in the frames which fail to load? 404?

2008-06-27, 11:27
8 months on and I have finally made some progress on the problem. After 2-2 versions of slimserver and several ubuntu versions didn't solve it.

I discovered that connecting the laptop to the router by a cable, I could successfully access the slimserver web interface. Using the integrated wifi I could not.

I installed a usb-wifi adaptor on the laptop, and this allowed me to successfully acess slimserver. Removing it so just integrated wifi and it won't work. So far updating wifi driver in laptop has not resolved issue.

So if anyone else has trouble with remote access to slimserver web interface, I suggest you try connecting with an ethernet cable instead of wifi.