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2004-01-19, 17:01
I think it would be fantastic if someone developed a windows/linux/sun/mac
client that would allow synchronization with the slimserver and other slim

Keep in mind though that this was not anything that was advertised for the
slimp3 or the squeezebox and the devs seem to have bigger bugs to squish
right now.

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I agree with the need to develop (as an enhancement after other issues like
synch are stabilized) a Windows based SlimpSlave clone. I bought 2
squeezeboxes and have one sitting next to my PC to work in the void of such
a solution. The reason being that I want to be able to synchronize the music
in my office with the music in my living room. When starting to look at
media players, I quickly realized that most people do not have this exact
need. My office, though, is in the middle of the house and it powers the
kitchen and dining room wireless speakers as well. When hosting a party, we
like to have the whole house playing the same thing. When my wife is reading
in the living room and I'm in the office, we like to listen to out own

There are obviously ways to wire with whole house audio to solve (sort of),
but it's a lot easier and more flexible for me to use squeezeboxes in each
room I want to include in the audio configuration. Considering the cost and
just the principle, keeping the one right next to the computer was and is
tough to swallow but let's me do what I need for now. My hope is:

1) a software solution is developed for windows to allow me to synch my
office pc and move the squeezebox sitting next to it elsewhere in the house.

2) have one of the wizards at slimdevices sell me a bare bones (maybe hack)
device that just has RCA audio outputs, hard wired Ethernet connector, and
maybe a IR sensor. No display or fancy casing is necessary to hopefully
greatly reduce the cost.
3) buy a used slimp3 on the cheap

Option 1 would be the best. Just my $.02 in support of a configuration that
would support a synchronized player through my PC.

Eric Fiste
eric (AT) fiste (DOT) net