View Full Version : 6.5.4: UI 10x slower if bound to one IP??

2007-10-11, 21:03
I run SlimServer on an Ubuntu 7.04 (amd64) system. Recently I've been working on a 6.5.x/7.x dual server setup -- allocate two IP addresses (eth0, eth0:1) on the Ubuntu system, run 6.5.x as one user on one IP and 7.x as another user on the other IP address. I don't have 7.x running yet, nor do I have the eth0:1 address up, largely because I've run into something very odd.

With only the one IP address allocated and only 6.5.x running (that is, with 7.x not running; there is other software running on the server), the web UI is ten times faster if I allow SlimServer to bind to When I pass the arguments
--httpaddr $IP --cliaddr $IP --streamaddr $IP --playeraddr $IP
where $IP is the machine's only non-loopback IP address, it takes about 30 seconds for another system on my WLAN to load the full default web page. If I remove those args and allow SlimServer to bind to, loading the default web page (yes, shift-refresh to ignore the web browser's cache) takes 3-4 seconds.

Also, when bound to one IP address, the player UI responsiveness is erratic. Sometimes the player responds quickly to button presses, sometimes SlimServer seems to ignore button presses. With SlimServer bound to, the player responds just fine.

Has anyone else seen this, or have any ideas what's happening o how to improve this? I've worked with TCP/IP daemons for years and never seen anything like this when simply reconfiguring listen sockets to bind to a specific IP address.