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Caleb Crome
2007-10-11, 09:57
Hello Jive Hardware Testers!

I have created a little script that will log Jive signal strength to your SD card. This will help us to understand how wifi signal strength varies in real situations.

1) copy jiveboot.sh and wifi-logger.lua onto an SD card.
2) put the SD card in your Jive and power up.
3) when done, simply look on your SD card for the file wifi.log.csv, and it will contain time, rssi, snr, and nf recordered about every second.

I you would like to help us understand wifi range issues, please post your logfile along with a description of what you were doing during the time the log was collected, and how far you were from your AP, etc.


Mark Lanctot
2007-10-14, 10:18
So no one has posted their log yet?

Caleb: I've got some data and I'll post my log when I have time. The JHB is sitting with the power off at the moment, but before I turned it off I did go to all the locations of my house, so there should be some good data.

When I first installed this, I verified that a .CSV file was being written, but Excel couldn't open it? Perhaps it wasn't in long enough.

Mark Lanctot
2007-10-19, 12:07
OK well in the hopes that others will post this data, here's mine.

I did keep a log of the first few entries, which were made on Oct. 11. From 1:20 - 1:35 PM I was in my listening area in my living room. This was approximately 30 feet from my router, through a ceiling/floor and one wall.

From 1:35 onward I was near the router, probably 5 feet from it.

After this I did not maintain the log but I did go to my basement to test out the JHB wireless reception. Here it's 50+ feet from the router, through 2 ceilings/floors and at least 2 walls.

I did not maintain a position log for later entries but I was either between the listening area/router area or my bedroom, 20 feet away from the router with a wall in between.

I'll keep collecting data and I'll maintain a better position log. Sorry!

Caleb Crome
2007-10-19, 16:03
Great! Thanks Mark.

It appears that for this log, you didn't really move around at all. Is that true? The whole range is only 7 dB wide. This says to me that there is no fundamental instability in the wifi card, and signal strength indicator.

This parallels our tests.

Were you actually using the device during this log? If so, then I'd say these are very good results, since the variation is signal strength is very low.


Mark Lanctot
2007-10-19, 16:13
Oh I assure you I did move around. Yes, I was using the device - in fact I loaded squeezeslave onto it, started playing a track and walked downstairs, the furthest I could get away from my router, and squeezeslave was still working perfectly.

I'll keep logging and I'll plot my movements more precisely. Glad the data is of some use!

Caleb Crome
2007-10-23, 21:30
FYI, we just designed a new antenna that will be implemented in the production units. It's got significantly better performance, so hold tight.


2007-11-01, 03:16
I've tried running your script. The first time it ran it worked fine.

I then tried to change it a little, so that the Wifi router info got written to 1 file and the signal strength stuff to another, but only the router info stuff ever gets written.

No matter what I did, including reverting to your original script can get the CSV file working.

But in the process of all the mucking about, I've have noticed some stuff that's happening in my house.

My wireless setup consists of a reliable Belkin router that I've have for years (it was released as Pre-G and made fully 802.11G with a FW upgrade) and a matching Belkin AP in my kitchen in bridging mode.
If Jive is on and close to the router, then it associates with the router and gets an I.P. by DHCP. Signal strength is good. I then bring it downstairs and see the signal drop. Eventually it will associate with the A.P. and the signal will go back to being strong, but it looks like the Jive has lost it's connection with the server during the change. That's when weird things happen.
Doing a "Change player" to the SB2 in my kitchen results in a blank screen (just the header) that never populates with the Home menus. A reboot is required to fix this.

Also the Jive will continually roam and re-associate with my router even though it's signal strength is poorer than the A.P. in the same room.

2007-11-09, 16:47
Is there a chance of upgrading to the new antennea. losing connection is playing havoc with now playing screen