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2004-01-19, 15:09
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From: dean blackketter
Date: 1/19/04 12:42 pm
To: Slim Devices Discussion
Subj: [slim] Sync problems

Hi Jon,

We're working hard on fixing the problems with sync. Sorry for the

Toward that end, we need some help reproducing the problem here. Can
you give me some additional details about the problem you are having?

1. Are you using the latest pre-release version of the software? If
not, please try that.

Using latest build that was available for osx

2. Does the sync problem occur if you are just syncing up the SLIMP3s
(and not the Squeezebox)?

I only have squeezes. Happens when using two or three squeezes.

3. Does the sync problem occur immediately when you try to play or do
you need to play a few songs for it to happen?

Usually need to play a song or two. Have had it happen at the beginning
4. What operating system is the server using?


On Jan 19, 2004, at 12:11 PM, Jon Stevens wrote:

> Hi,
> A few people here are reporting sync problems, as I have done recently.
> I have a four slimp and 1 squeezebox install as part of a major house
> installation I have done for a client, and the sync is not working
> properly, the music skips constantly. I have had the network tested
> and it is fine, and if I play unsynced everything is fine.
> For the people reporting sync problems, does your audio 'jump' like a
> needle would on a record, or is it just that you cannot get
> syncronised audio output?
> I have spent over $1000 on a solution that was sold as a feature
> (syncing), and my client hasn't paid me yet - I really am looking to
> get this fixed!
> Is anyone else having this problem?
> Thanks
> Jon Stevens