View Full Version : I don't understand RadioTime. Help please.

2007-10-10, 15:27
I'm trying to browse RadioTime by genre. So e.g. I select Browse Music>Classical and 12 stations are listed. But I can also select Browse Music>More music>Classical>All whereupon 20 stations are listed.

Neither of which bears much relation to the RadioTime website, where a full 339 stations are listed in the Classical genre.

What do I have to do to see the complete 339 station listing on my Squeezebox?

2007-10-11, 22:49
You also can't see (I think you mean "hear") all the accuradio stations either.

I assume this is the amount of stations in the distribution agreement. But don't worry about precisely matching the number here and the number there and the number everywhere.

Just enjoy the music.

(although I would like to see all the accuradio stations on squeezenetwork)

2007-10-12, 01:58
My point is that as a means of browsing internet radio by genre RadioTime on Squeezebox doesn't appear to work. Not that Shoutcast/ Live365 are much better (hopeless navigation, poor quality streams often preferred, annoying adds for Shoutcast/ Live 365, etc).

This is an area in which Squeezebox is falling behind competitors - take a look at RadioRoku or the Reciva-based devices for example. What is needed is a single, well-organised, comprehensive internet radio directory that users can contribute to and which is capable of being fully browsed using the remote control.

2007-10-12, 02:30
My understanding is that at least some of limitations you mention (missing stations) are to do with the way that Radiotime has set itself up to be implemented on the SB.

You may need to raise these points with Radiotime itelf. There was a recent thread which may give some background here (http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=32533&highlight=radiotime).

That said, there's a lot of work going in the next release of Slimserver (now called SqueezeCenter) on things like Live365 radio to improve things. May also be the case that some of these are sorted them for Radiotime.

There is also a community-based "single, well-organised, comprehensive internet radio directory that users can contribute to and which is capable of being fully browsed using the remote control" - it's called WikiRadio. Have a look in the Wiki or on the forums.


2007-10-12, 07:31
Hi, I'm Bill with RadioTime. When browsing RadioTime on the Squeezebox you'll only see stations with working streams that are compatible with the Squeezebox. Most of the Classical stations you see on RadioTime.com don't stream (why? to find a local FM classical station, and some products have FM tuners).

Often the RadioTime information is wrong. If you know of missing stations, use radiotime.com to report the problem. First search for the station, if the station is missing click "Tell us to fix-it" and request the station by leaving their website and a comment. But you'll likely find the station missing stream(s), or in another location/genre. If you know of a compatible stream then click the station details, then click 'Tell us to fix it". Their moderators usually have the stream added the same day. If you are a registered user you'll get an email confirmation when the problem is fixed.

Or, add the stream yourself with RadioTime's wiki-style features. Click the little blue edit links on program and station detail pages. Moderators usually verify and approve changes within a few hours.

If anyone is interested in becoming a RadioTime moderator for a particular genre, location, language, team, etc please send a note to support@radiotime.com. You'll be able to edit any information and with a new site in development, be clearly recognized.

RadioTime does not have any Acuradio restrictions, we'll scrub those listings to become current.

2007-10-12, 10:07
I have put in a good word for radiotime before but I want to repeat it again in this thread.

I like a local (Los Angeles) public radio station. In my room with my stereo that station doesn't get good reception over the air no matter how I place the antenna. But by using radiotime, I am able to get that station free and clear. No static. No interference.

Keep up the good work RadioTime !!!

2007-10-12, 10:46
One thing I'd like to see is the ability to see my Radiotime favorites list on my Squeezebox. Right now, I can get the list of stations in my "Local Area", but there are a few stations I listen to that are out of area, and it's a pain to have to navigate through the entire station tree to find them.

2007-10-12, 23:39
I did a random browse of various stations and they all seem to have heart icons indicating they can all be added as favorites.