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Rod Savard
2004-01-19, 11:22
I'm not using a SqueezeBox, but I have a WET11 on my Slimp3. I too
noticed that the microwave interrupted the Slimp3. I switched the 802.11b
network to a different channel (1, IIRC) and the problem went away.


On Mon, 19 Jan 2004, Mark A. Aiken wrote:

> My SB is in a large room that also includes the kitchen, and I noticed
> this almost immediately, too.
> Mark
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> Subject: [slim] squeezebox failure point identified
> > Sorry for the sensationalistic subject line. The "failure point" is
> > actually my microwave oven. :)
> >
> > This experience must have played itself out *dozens* of times over
> > the past several weeks...
> >
> > It didn't register until today, though. My g/f was nuking a bowl
> > of soup for me, and while I was reading the paper at the table,
> > the squeezebox cut out. "Dammit, it's been fine all day, what gives?"
> > *Then* the buzzer for the microwave went off, and the buffer started
> > to refill. As the little bulb in the oven went off, the one in my head
> > finally lit up, and so I asked her to microwave a mug of water. For
> > ten seconds, nothing happened, but then the buffer began to drain,
> > and it emptied and stayed empty until the microwave finished! Did
> > it a third time, same thing.
> >
> > I was really surprised that the microwave could cause such a problem.
> > But a little googling confirmed that microwave ovens (within a few
> > hundred feet) can bring WLANs to their knees. Luckily, I have a piece
> > of 100bt cat5 coming into a media center PC near the squeezebox, so
> > I'll just be dropping in a small switch and cabling up the squeezebox.
> >
> > I hope this can help a few others to troubleshoot some seemingly
> > random squeezebox outages. I'd actually be curious to hear from a
> > small sample of people, whether or not their microwave interferes
> > with their (wifi) squeezebox -- just to get an anecdotal feel for how
> > sensitive wifi is to such a common household appliance.
> >
> > -bob
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