View Full Version : squeezebox failure point identified

Darren White
2004-01-19, 09:44
> Sorry for the sensationalistic subject line. The "failure point" is
> I was really surprised that the microwave could cause such a problem.
> But a little googling confirmed that microwave ovens (within a few
> hundred feet) can bring WLANs to their knees. Luckily, I have a piece
> random squeezebox outages. I'd actually be curious to hear from a
> small sample of people, whether or not their microwave interferes
> with their (wifi) squeezebox -- just to get an anecdotal feel for how
> sensitive wifi is to such a common household appliance.

Microwave ovens operate in the same frequency range as 802.11b/g.
Its the noise they spew that made the frequency unsuitable for
commercial purposes, and hence it became a public free for all.
Depending on how close your microwave is, some interference is to
be expected. But microwave interference = leaking microwave.. If
the squeeze is sitting on the microwave, the amount it is leaking is
probably mostly harmless.. If it is across the house and interfering,
you should consider having the unit checked out or replaced..

FWIW, my FHSS 2.4Ghz phones have never had any trouble even
when I am standing looking into the microwave watching water boil.. :)

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