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Oliver Cookson
2004-01-19, 09:30
>>You can't hear the stereo from your computer? Must have a pretty
sizable house :-)

Not to any great quality as both slim devices are downstairs & my PC is

>>I bought a SliMP3 because hooking my soundcard up to the stereo
sounded just as bad as playing directly >>through the computer speakers.
If I wanted to hear bad-sounding music, I wouldn't have bought the

This is subjective as music played via my PC is fantastic quality, I
suppose it depends what speakers\soundcard you have. :)

>>If it's possible, it'll happen -- however, please realize that
transcoding, synchronization, and
>>Internet streaming bugs are higher priority because they are
advertised features.

I can appreciate the constraints and priorities.

Thanks :)

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On Mon, 2004-01-19 at 06:31, Oliver Cookson wrote:
> >>I think you're doing the 'slim guys' a dis-service here
> Well that is the last thing I would want to do as they are generally
> fantastic and have recommened them to many a person.
> >>Nobody really expects you to buy a SB to sit next to your PC
> Of course not - but surely the need to be able to "monitor" the output

> to the slim devices from the server is not limited opinion. It does
> seem a waste buying another squeezebox to monitor the output when the
> server is producing the stream?
You can't hear the stereo from your computer? Must have a pretty sizable
house :-)

Satellite speakers and a multi-channel amp are a wonderful thing.
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