View Full Version : Problems with recent slim server releases

2007-10-07, 03:39
Well I have been happily using my slims for years without any issues. Since upgrading to the logitech flavour of slim server things have started going awry. With great regularity the slim server dies on my 2003 server, usually every day or so. And now I have discovered that the artists view in the web interface produces one artist with several squillion tracks attributed to them. If I check the tag info in the 'browse music folder' view, everything looks fine and I can happily play them from there. I'm seriously considering a downgrade to an earlier version of slim server. Is anyone else having similar problems?


Phil Leigh
2007-10-07, 04:35
What version of SS are you using? (this has got nothing to do with Logitech vs. SD by the way...)