View Full Version : Can Transporter IR Output be used as 12V trigger?

2007-10-06, 15:29
Is there a way to configure the IR output port as 12V trigger? My power line conditioner can take 12V trigger to turn on and off some outlets.

I use cable with mini jack connectors. But Transporter does not seem to trigger on/off the power line conditioner.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

2007-10-10, 10:14
IR output is not suitable as a 12 volt trigger. You would need an external device that can interpret an IR command and switch a 12 volt source on and off in response. (Some home theater preamp/processors have this capability.) An alternative would be to get a power conditioner or other device that can switch outlets on and off in response to the presence of an audio signal on an analog interconnect. (Some power amps have this capability.)