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Gordon BulkMail
2004-01-19, 07:24
Maybe I'm missing the point.

But is there any need to have a software slim player / monitor on the pc. I
know personally the reason I purchased a slim was to have my mp3 where I
didn't want a pc. And if at my computer i continue to use winamp etc and
play the same mp3 files over a network share from the machine that have my
music collection on it.


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I agree if it can be done on Linux surely it can be ported to windows
with some tweaks. Surely its just a matter of duplicating the slimp3
stream on localhost and re-routing to the line-out using some sort of
timestamp as a reference to playing the music in parallel. I could have
a look at the source and see hows it done with view to porting but I
feel I might not be the best person as I have no experience in
developing with audio under Win.

Unfortunately I *think* the slim guys aren't really in a hurry to get a
useable solution to this issue for Windows as it stops people from
buying a 2nd squeezebox for a local monitor.

I personally feel there is a **REAL** need to get a better-than-kludge
solution to being able to monitor the stream from slimp3 server on