View Full Version : Volume control has gone crazy

2007-10-05, 12:17
This nearly woke the neighborhood...
Using today's build (10/05/2007)
I raised the volume using the software jive remote, the music gets louder, as expected. A few minutes later, I tried lowering the volume using the software jive remote and it gets louder too, except this time, it just keeps going, getting louder and louder....

I've tried this 6 times now, pressing volume down make the volume go up.. a lot. Using the web interface, volume works perfectly, using the software remote, it just likes to increase in volume.

Anyone else seeing/hearing this?

2007-10-05, 12:54

Volume works fine if you don't have the squeezebox's volume fixed. If you've fixed the squeezebox's volume because you use an amp to control the volume, then the jive remote's volume, whether pressing volume up or down, will always go up.

This could be an IR blaster problem and not related to Jive at all.

2007-10-06, 00:52
I've had a couple of instances where the volume has got out of sync and I don't have it fixed.
On a related point, how come the player doesn't show it's volume bar when you adjust it from jive?