View Full Version : Scrolling optimizations and breaking applets

2007-10-05, 09:46

I have merged some updates today that will be in the next nightly. You should find (I hope!) an improvement in the scrolling speed. This is still work-in-progress and some places are still slow, including :
- scrolling while downloading data/artwork over the network
- a few screens like the language selection.

Many people have commented on scrolling in large lists. We will be adding acceleration to making scrolling easier, but the optimizations need to come first.

These changes include a some slight modifications to the ui api, so community applets may be slightly broken in this version. It would be really great if the community applets could be checked into the jive_contrib folder, then they can be maintained during any refactoring. We could also include them in the nightly builds, until we have downloading applets from slimserver working. Good idea?


2007-10-05, 15:05
Dean ran the nightly by hand, so got get it ...