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Philip Bouscarle
2004-01-19, 04:04
I ripped a cd into FLAC using EAC, imported it into iTunes and it played
fine. When you say iTunes doesn't support FLAC, do you mean iPod doesn't
recognize FLAC?


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Subject: [slim] Which LOSSLESS format? FLAC? Monkey? Shorten?

I'm not sure what your reasons are for re-ripping to FLAC, but you
might want to consider encoding using AAC or MP3 at a very high
bitrate instead. then you'll get iPod and iTunes compatibility
(iTunes doesn't support FLAC either) at a pretty high quality.

If you really want FLAC, the trick probably is to re-rip to FLAC and
keep those files in their own folder within the same root folder as
your MP3s, and turn off iTunes integration so that Slim Server can
see the FLAC files. (Or, I suppose, you may be able to keep iTunes
integration on and refer to the FLAC files via a playlist, but that
seems like a pain and not very elegant.)


Philip Bouscarle wrote:

>A related question:
>I have ripped my music into AAC and use I-Tunes as the folder for storage.
>I now want to rerip into FLAC (I know - boring) but I-Pods cannot read FLAC
>(I don't own an I-pod yet but am considering getting one as a portable
>store/player for when I go to a holiday home we have in France.)
>Would I be best advised to keep the existing AAC files for use with
>and create a new folder for the FLAC files for use with my Squeezebox, or
>should I delete the existing AACs and convert the new FLACs to AACs?
>I know this is more of an I-pod/I-tunes issue than Squeezebox, but any
>would be appreciated.
>Philip Bouscarle
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>Subject: [slim] Which LOSSLESS format? FLAC? Monkey? Shorten?
>Hey Everyone,
>I'm about to get a Squeezebox for the digital-out ability. Once I have
>this, I
>finally plan to encode my entire CD collection in a lossless format. Once
>lossless, I can stream to the Squeezebox in raw PCM, encode to MP3 for my
>SLIMP3 and iPOD, and when some new codec-de-jour comes out, I can encode
>that format without dealing with any transcoding quality loss.
>The question is WHICH lossless format?
>FLAC? - open (good) but larger file footprint (bad)
>These URLS show the various encoding times, resulting file sizes, etc.
>More URLs of course:
>Ps. The ripper, encoder, and SlimDevices server will be a SMP Linux
>box. Windows nor OSX is an option. Time is not an issue.. resulting file
>is somewhat important.
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Caleb Epstein
2004-01-19, 10:38
On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 11:04:57AM -0000, Philip Bouscarle wrote:

> I ripped a cd into FLAC using EAC, imported it into iTunes and it
> played fine.

No, you didn't. iTunes does NOT recognize FLAC. That is
unless you have some magic plugin over there in the UK that we
folks here in the USA do not :)

Double check the files you ripped. You probably encoded them
as MP3.

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