View Full Version : change ports on sqeezebox/slimserver?

2007-10-05, 06:27
I'd like to stream my music collection to my office but to do that I'll need to use ports that are open in my office firewall. Anyone know how to change the ports on their slimserver and squeezebox? Can it be done?

Ross L
2007-10-05, 17:03
You can change the web server port in server settings -> network, but that won't help you. You should consider asking the IT people at your office to open TCP 3483 for you.

Mark Miksis
2007-10-05, 20:07
It may be easier and more secure to just tunnel everything over ssh. You can run your home ssh server on any port you wish. I once had to get a second static IP from my ISP so I could run sshd on port 80 for a similar reason.