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2007-10-05, 02:37
Hello all,

I'd like to obtain the STAT info from the player.
I could make a sniffer program that filters out these packets, but i much rather like a more normal way to do this. I'm interested in the "fullness (audio bytes in player buffer)" and "jiffies (timestamp)", cause I'd like to sync an external process to what's currently playing. Most elegant would be if I could get this info through CLI, but this info doesn't seem to be within the "status" which you can get through there.

edit: there is ofcorse the "Elapsed time" info in the status info from CLI, but this is in seconds resolution, which isn't nearly as precise as I need it to be.

Any thoughts and/or ideas on this matter? thanks.

2007-10-05, 14:40
2 choices:
(a) post an enhancement request on bugzilla
(b) get your feet wet and try to add this to the CLI query. It's one of the simplest patches (assuming something in SC is already calcuating these values).

I can help for (b).


2007-10-06, 05:53
Thanks. Posting a feature request might take ages for it to finally make it into the code, even if it's a minor update.
I have no experience with pearl (or was it python?) and I've never even looked into the sources of SS (or should I say SC).
Any help would be appreciated............... so lets start with (b).

I don't know if SC actualy stores the STAT structure that the player sends to the server (as keep-alives) as a whole, or just parts of it.

How and where do we start, what do I need?
What tools to I need to get the sources of SC? cause I can't imagine downloading every single file by hand through the web interface......
and then -> what tools for compilation?