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2007-10-04, 11:56
Folks, I see this issue arising in other threads, but no one has provided an answer I can work with. I am running SlimServer on Linux (v. 6.5.4) - I upgraded to this to try to fix the inability to listen to music from Sky.fm, as well as others. I note that some channels work, like the classical guitar, but others have apparently changed their link, so http://www.sky.fm/mp3/newage.pls doesn't work - now it's http://scfire-nyk-aa04.stream.aol.com:80/stream/1002. Typing this into "Tune in URL" doesn't work. (Yes, I know this is the AACPLUS stream; I've tried that, the MP3 one, and neither works. [Edited Oct 30: Non-DRM AAC encoded files do work on my server - relevant?]. Nothing works. I have noticed this with a number of internet radio stations where it says it's connected, but nothing is playing. Is there a file that these links are hard-coded into? Or can we expect an update soon?

2007-10-04, 12:31
Both mp3 and aac+ links work here, maybe the servers were full.


2007-10-04, 12:32
Start with some details

1. What player have your got ?
2. What OS are you using ?
3. Do you have a router ?
4. Can you play all these stations OK with Softsqueeze on your PC ?
5. Where did you find the URLs to play (e.g. copy from web site, use Wikiradio )

2007-10-27, 11:09
Sorry for not answering sooner:
1. The problem occurs with any MP3 players on computers that I am using -- if that's the question you're asking. (I don't own any SlimDevices -- yet). So, it happens with iTunes on Mac or Windows, Amarok on Linux.
2. "Player" computers include Mac, Windows and Linux. SlimServer itself is on a Mandriva 2007.0 box.
3. My firewall is an IpCop, hooked-up to a 10/100 switch. I have that set for transparent proxying, so referencing the proxy ought not to be necessary - but I've tried that as well, with no change.
4. I can play the stations with whatever music player, on whatever OS I choose, from inside my network, provided I connect directly to the SkyFM site.
5. And, I am using the links in Slim Devices Picks, mostly, but I've tried adding the URL's directly from the SkyFM site through "Tune in URL" and also adding Wikiradio -- some work from Wikiradio, most don't, and the "Tune in" totally fails even though I have correctly functioning URL's that work from Amarok or iTunes.
As noted previously, only Classical Guitar on SkyFM works -- all the others are gone, so I think something other than the configuration of the server is at issue, unless the encoding of the streams is at play. Help.